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Our Story

Together for almost
twenty years

Our history is firmly anchored in Romagna’s traditions, but mainly in the passion of being happily together around a table laid with good food and wine. A vocation to hospitality, to typical dishes and innovation that has lasted since 2002. The homemade first courses, the zero-km meat selection and the carefully selected fish, together with the constant desire of inventing something new are the pulsing engine of this business.

We want you to “taste” home vibrations, handed down from generations, but revisited and tasty. We want you to spend some high quality time, smiling on the hills, wrapped by Sarsina’s historicity.

“No one should be ashamed at the table.”
Titus Maccius Plautus

Plautus Festival

One of the most important theatre date in the whole Italy.

Made by an exhibition of plays, the Plautus Festival was born in honour of a great roman playwriter, Titus Maccius Plautus, who was born right here in Sarsina (between 255-251 BC circa). This event was supposed to promote the theatre as an ancient and noble art using classical plays. Each edition includes in its program 12-15 plays performed by famous troupes and internationally renowned actors.
It has an annual frequency and takes place in July and August, in the Arena Plautina, located in Calbano, a Medioeval village, surrounded by nature. It’s only a kilometre far from the historical centre of the city. The Arena hosts more than a thousand of people in numbered seats. Since 2008 the Arena has been protected by a removable cover, to prevent the plays’ performance.
The festival has come to its 60th edition. It has been certificated by the ministry of cultural heritage and activities as a “nationwide relevant festival” since 1997.

Before and after the performances our local offers the meals right in the square, where you can catch and get off the bus, which goes right to the Arena.

You can find all the informations here: www.plautusfestival.it


numbered seats

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What we offer

Daily fresh menus

Selected ingredients

Taste and innovation

Creative Chefs

Traditional cuisine

Huge selection of wines

When to visit us

Open every day
for lunch and dinner
from 06.00 to 00.00
Closing day: wednesday

Where we are

Piazza Tito Maccio Plauto, 39
47027 Sarsina (FC)
tel. 391 3082651